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HEY so i've reached my last 5 (five!!!) weeks of school!!! ~25 more days left of this hell
im gonna be working really hard on setting everything up and helping my teachers (bc i cant say no to anyone) so im gonna be real busy!!! so i think this calls for a brief semi-hiatus (even tho i post once every 1389248932 years anyway)

i will be working on art and commenting/faving stuff, and generally interacting w/ people on here and other places, but art will be put on hold unless some kind of miracle happens LOL

so this means......... if i owe u art you'll be living in suspense for a few weeks and im SORRY but it'll be nice to finally have actual things to post?? i'll be finishing art trades/requests that i owe and maybe post two each day?? like a queue or something!!! but anyway

thank u for reading this!!! i'll update it if i feel like it (but i'll probably forget) 
idk what else to say except...........goodbye (not rlly) for now
tagged by :iconemberinthefurs: literally weeks ago!!!! thank you 💛

10 characters! my favs and the ones that mean a lot to me (i think)
i have done maybe One reference sheet in my life so dont expect too much from this aksfjdsfsdlk

(+ ihave almost no pictures of my gorl/feminine ocs on this account and digging through my old one is scary ;;; so there might not be a lot of them on this list)

these r in no particular order..

1.OLD ART 1 by JAXICOUR(2015) walk away by JAXICOUR(2016) + (ALSO 2016)pre xialtix by JAXICOUR

     XIALTIX bevineer my wonderful child. he's like.. super important to me? i made him in 2013/14(?) or at least that's when i designed him.. originally he was a serial killer demon with weird yaoi hands and he was really edgy. hes not my oldest character ever, but he helps me cope with being a Depressed Asshole 25 hours 8 days a week.
he's a part time model and has lots of jewelry from people he used to date (but theyre all dead now :-() and he's a pretty boy...very somber and takes things to heart a lot 


    pain!!! yes that's his name, i was like 10 when i made him, 
    at first he was your typical "overpowered edgy oc that everyone hates...but also loves at the same time" kind of character? and he was really pale. his first design was made on ever since i made him i loved him so so sooo much he's such an asshole.. he tries to be as nice as he possibly can to people and tries to see what's good in them, but always ends up getting too cynical and critiques others in his head was more than he should. he's really old (like.... really super old) and he's been around for a long time, and over time so many people have fucked him over he's Become Like This. 
    he does have people he's close to, like Lost and Key but the connections he makes with other people feel really hopeless to him bc he feels like theyll be gone in the blink of an eye..............but anyway. he's a loser and wants to die 

    CATARINA!!! spy in training and local lesbian ruffian who has a hard time telling people her feelings. she's basically the bully who goes behind the school to take care of abandoned cats in a box trope? but 
she was kind of like.... a self insert for me for a long time? now she's blossoming on her own as her own character and i :'-) i love her so much fuckdfkl idk what to see shes an angsty teen who has a crush and is learning how to be kind to others and herself !??!?

4.  i'll be back to new by JAXICOUR leilani reference sheet by JAXICOUR

    LEILANI i made him last year during the summer.. the adoptive child of one of my other ocs. he was born into a cult (that him and his dad eventually ran away from) and was "made" using the genes from a dead manticore and other stuff + science and magic
    he's a sweet kid who has a hard time talking and hes really special to me bc...... He Is.... i have no reason i just love him LMAO

5. eda arichidam by JAXICOUR
    eda!!! she was like..... so different when i first drew her?? i might draw her old old design again from 2013... it was kinda cute. but anyway. from the beginning she was a fallen angel sent to protect my other oc, raven (who's her gf right now)...i like how much she's...changed? before she was really op and didnt like other people at all, she just wanted everything to be her way.. but now shes more open to change even tho she's a little stubborn??? i love her. my sweet babu 

6. la la laix by JAXICOUR

    i don't have any good pictures of him oh noooo ;; this is laix. hes xials bitter, older brother who has commitment issues.. i guess i kind of made him to be a shitty person? he wants to change but he feels like for every step he takes, he takes two steps backwards.. he did bad stuff and he thinks hes disgusting and he doesnt know what he wants. like.. laix is supposed to take care of his brother and love him bc their dad never got to do those things for xial.. he kind of just left him and his mom to do their own thing while he sulked somewhere else. 
    but laix despises xial so much because of everything that he is and he knows hes being unfair but... it's hard for him to stop?? hes relatable to some extent and... i feel like it's important to have at least one shitty character in a story?  akjdjskjfdsf

7.HE by JAXICOUR(2015) lost boy by JAXICOUR(2016)  i knew you would come far by JAXICOUR (2017)
    another really old oc!! this is lost. he's a dead ghost boy who stays in his room playing games a lot. he's really mopey a lot, and people always think he's sad but his face just looks sad... i love him a lot. he's bored a lot and likes to take pictures.. he probably has a lot of instagram followers. since he's one of my oldest ocs he just means a lot to me? idk. hes great

8. UHHHH informal improvement meme that i might actually try harder on later!!! Untitled Drawing by JAXICOUR

    despa!!! a manticore with a weird circus based backstory... he has a lot of tattoos now and this pic doesnt do him justice. i swear he's beautiful. the kind but jaded soldier character trope? he's like a nice dad... a nice boy. im tired right now so im not sure what else to say 

he's a tragic character that still manages to be (most of the time) kind and thoughtful and shows that the things that happened in his past dont truly define him, even if they shape some parts of his life.. hmm i just think he's cool next character-

9. Untitled Drawing by JAXICOURkey by JAXICOUR
    key!!! an old soul gateway/portal demon who jumps from job to job.. he's a comforting character to draw, i like coloring his hair!! and his personality is nice and like w many of my other ocs it was nice to see it change over the years... hardheaded and strongwilled.. i guess hes the kind of person i'd want to be around! and that's why he's so important to me. i want 2 be like him, in a way!!!

10. omg i have no pictures from this year or even last year of teivel!!!! teivel my wonderful genderfluid mess. 
so teivel is a model who's pretty much the model (haha) of this thing i read in a book once: "androgyny is [a] privilege of the rich." or something like that. 
man i just loooooove drawing them so much.......there's no special reason for me to like him so much, he's just great!!!!

sorry if this didnt make a lot of sense and that it took me like... three weeks to do LOL 

i tag:
and anyone else who wants to do it!!!! fr dont feel bad if u wanna do it and i didnt tag u, just copy and paste the rules and say that i too tired to think of more than 2 things right now
slow to pay you compliments
hi it's 5:09 a.m. and i have to be up in two hours!!! life is good.

i just finished this drawing for an art trade w :iconjellyfishm0nster: !!! spencer is really cute so im sorry if i butchered him in any way ;; 

im feeling less creatively dead after this too!!! so i'll get on doing the rest of my owed art when im not sleeping.
(art can be used by person given in any way! it is yours)
HEY so i forgot to do this even tho i said i would like last month bc im. Stupit but 

my friend has commissions open right now!!! pls give him money. more info:… !

support him by looking at his art and joining me in crying over how great it is. thank you for ur time!!!
HELLO i have been having some really bad art block lately and ive started doing some of the old old requests from months ago but i cant get anywhere with them ;; i think taking a little break would be good so. im gonna be doing some colored sketch/doodle art trade stuff???

it'll probably be something quick like these:
He by JAXICOURthird eye angel by JAXICOURleave a trace (snoooooooop) by JAXICOUReda arichidam by JAXICOUR

i'll draw ocs and fandom stuff that i dont know, but i can draw furries/anthro for the life of me _(<:3」∠)_ 

we dont have 2 be mutuals but i only have it in me for like.. two/three maybe.. + it's first come first serve !

(if no one replies to this it never happened shhhh)



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> im xial/clover and i dont get enough sleep, ever,

> they/them

> i like blazblue, RWBY, ocs, and my friends! i think my favorite color is pink and cats and rabbits are my favorite animals.

> i use firealpaca and dA muro for digital art, in case you wanted to know! for traditional, i use pencils, micron pigma liners, copics (the square ones?) and that's pretty much it lol

> feel free to talk to me!! if i dont reply right away it's just bc i dont know how to respond.

other social media!

> art tumblr!
> instagram!
> twitter!


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